Patricia is passionate about changing the conversation on diabetes, corporate wellness and employee health. She is available to speak to your group or company about how to minimize the effects of diabetes in life and in the workplace. Patricia brings a unique perspective on how to live intentionally and fully with diabetes.

Diabetes Speaker

Engagements include keynote address, community events, and online webinars. Each with customized presentation for your audience, or present from the following topics below:

  • Both Sides of the Needle: A personal account of the chasm between the healthcare system and the patient experience
  • Dealing with Diabetes: What it really takes to live well with diabetes
  • The Cost of Presenteeism: Exploring the impact of diabetes in the workplace
  • Diabetes 101: Understanding the basics in a visual and easy to understand format  
  • Non-Compliance: Why it really doesn’t exist in health care (geared towards a medical audience).
  • Empowered Patient: The secret to improving health in America

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