Diabetes Coaching Services

Diabetes Coaching

The goal of Dealing With Your Diabetes services is to empower clients to manage diabetes to the best of their ability by:

  • Ensuring they have an adequate understanding of the disease process and treatment
  • Providing insight into their emotional connection to diabetes
  • Bringing awareness to current behaviors that are not in alignment with their desired lifestyle
  • Finding new motivation so healthy behaviors become the desired choice
  • Fostering a proactive mindset and relationship

Please contact Patricia Daiker via email or phone for any questions or concerns. A 30 minutes consultation is also available. CLICK HERE!


Individual Coaching

The individual coaching program is a 12-week course consisting of weekly one-on-one individualized coaching sessions with a holistic mind-body system approach towards wellness. The initial session includes a comprehensive assessment of your current medical therapy, habits, patterns and emotional state. Subsequent sessions consist of active listening that allows me to elicit hidden beliefs, identify areas for improvement, develop strategies to create balance and function and re-frame your current beliefs that block progress. Individual coaching can be done in person or online via remote meeting programs like Skype, Facetime or Zoom.

In addition to coaching during our sessions, I will be available by e-mail, voice mail and text between scheduled meetings, with a response within 24 hours.  Clients are encouraged to share thoughts, ideas, successes and struggles as they occur via these communication channels for discussion during session.

Group Coaching

Group coaching consists of four people who desire to improve their diabetes management as a team. Patricia will perform individual assessments and then recommend topics and session content that is appropriate for the group, including team sharing, educational sessions, communication practice and empowerment strategies.

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Diabetes Education Services

A home coaching series that helps you dig deeper into your diabetes life!  You can improve, but it doesn’t start with diet and exercise!

There are skills you must develop that will dramatically change your approach to diabetes management.   My nursing education wasn’t enough but I figured out what was missing.

Research supports what I have learned and my course unpacks each step in easy and fun ways!

Watch the video, follow the workbook, do insightful activities and uncover what is missing for you!

A series of “a-ha” moments that will forever change how you see yourself!

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Diabetes Education Services: Diabetes Speaker

Patricia is passionate about changing the conversation on diabetes, corporate wellness and employee health. She is available to speak to your group or company about how to minimize the effects of diabetes in the workplace. Patricia brings a unique perspective on how to live intentionally and fully with diabetes.

Engagements include keynote address, community events, and online webinars. She can present a customized presentation for your audience, or present from the following topic below or create a customized event:

  • Both Sides of the Needle: A personal account of the chasm between the healthcare system and the patient experience
  • Dealing with Diabetes: What it really takes to live well with diabetes
  • The Cost of Presenteeism: Exploring the impact of diabetes in the workplace
  • Diabetes 101: Understanding the basics in a visual and easy to understand format  
  • Non-Compliance: Why it really doesn’t exist in health care (geared towards a medical audience).
  • Empowered Patient: The secret to improving health in America

Our Diabetes Education Framework


As overwhelming diabetes education can be, it’s an important part of helping you live with the disease. Knowledge is empowering. The better you understand what your body is dealing with, the better you can make decisions about your healthcare, your diet, your exercise, and your life. I will help you learn how to use all the available information about diabetes to best benefit your life and your goals.


Being diagnosed with diabetes is a traumatic event. You’re suffering a loss because the disease has a real impact on how you live your life. Changes must be made, but first, you have to deal with the emotions that a diagnosis creates. It’s vital to understand that there’s a time and a place for grief. It’s a necessary part of coping with diabetes and it shouldn’t be downplayed. I will help you understand the emotions you’re feeling and help you get to a place where you feel better.


Doctors will tell you that if you just do this list of things, you’ll be able to manage diabetes. The trouble is, when that list includes changing your diet, changing how your exercise, changing the very ways in which you live for life, it’s very hard to accomplish all that change. You can’t be motivated by fear or by what someone else says is the best way to live. Your motivation has to come from inside.

I will work with you to change what you believe and how you think about living with diabetes, making it more likely that you’ll accomplish your goals.


Being a person with diabetes is not about just being a patient. Unfortunately, many people deal with the disease purely in the context of a doctor/patient relationship. Living with the disease is about so much more than that. It’s about finding a way to manage diabetes that works for you.

I will help you understand your boundaries, understand what you’re willing to do and allow you to live with diabetes under your rules.


Being able to communicate every aspect of your life with diabetes is a huge part of successfully living with the disease. If you are unable to effectively communicate your needs with your family or your doctor, they can’t provide the help you need. Communicating isn’t always easy, but the good news is there’s plenty of different ways to go about it. I will help you find your voice and give you the tools you need to make your voice heard by your friend, family, and physician in a way that works best for you.

Everything Else

Not every situation can be put in a tidy box. I will work with you on your challenges and come up with a plan that meets your needs … where you are!

You need more than what you get from your provider to manage diabetes:

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