Does diabetes still make your head spin? Or do you need a refresher after all these years?  It is important that you know what is going on inside you, so you can make the best decisions!  This chapter spells it all out in an easy to understand format.

Lesson 1: Diabetes at a Cellular Level

What is going on inside your body because you have diabetes?

Lesson 2: Types and Causes of Diabetes

Understanding Type 1, Type 2, Gestational and some less common forms of Diabetes

Lesson 3: Signs & Symptoms of Diabetes

Learning how diabetes shows up in your body.

Lesson 4: Complications of Diabetes

Over time diabetes can cause problems,

Lesson 5: Treatment and Management of Diabetes

(just basic diabetes 101 – easy to understand)


Let’s be honest.  Diabetes is hard and it impacts every aspect of your life.  Everything changes and the life you thought you were living is gone.  This WILL impact how you feel emotionally, so you need to be prepared for this wild ride!


Lesson 1: Why is it so hard?

Understand how your beliefs, needs, wants and current coping strategies impact you

Lesson 2: Wait, I’m grieving?

Introducing grief that happens when you lose the life you thought you would have

Lesson 3: “I’m not having this”

Denial & anger – normal parts of grief and they have purpose

Lesson 4: The high highs and low lows

Bargaining and depression – again normal parts of grief how to recognize/move through

Lesson 5: The path to acceptance

Light at the other end of the tunnel, when you work through grief


A healthy life with diabetes will likely require changes and change can be hard.  We are wired to find the most comfortable place, so you need keen insight to push yourself to places that might be new and different.  But YOU can!

LESSON 1: Understanding Your Actions

How behavior is driven by instincts, needs and beliefs

Lesson 2: What Do You Need?

Understand the influence of what you need

Lesson 3: You Do What Your Believe

Exploring your belief systems – the key to change

Lesson 4: Are You Ready For Change?

Learning new ways to approach changes

Lesson 5: Stepping Into Your Power

Choosing with intent and purpose

Chapter 4 – It’s YOUR Life – Live it!

Diabetes absolutely limits some of your choices and it is natural to feel boxed in and suffocated.  But YOU are so much more than your blood sugar or your limitations. It requires a bit of effort, but it is worth it!

LESSON 1: Your Unwanted Roommate

Understanding the intrusion diabetes is to your life

Lesson 2: Person Centered Care

Creating wellness around YOU

Lesson 3: Ownership

Intention and Responsibility = Freedom

Lesson 4: Self-Care

Taking care of your entire person, not just your diabetes

Lesson 5: Maximizing Your Office Visit

Strategies for getting what YOU need

Chapter 5 – Finding YOUR Voice

Diabetes brings about so many feelings, emotions, frustrations, fears and worries.  It is no wonder people can’t understand or you aren’t sure how to find the words.  This chapter will get you moving in the right direction.

Lesson 1: Communication is Healthy

It can be hard to say what you want to say, but speaking your truth is one of THE best things you can do to live a healthy diabetes life.

Lesson 2: My Five C’s of Great Communication

Clarify, Curiosity, Collect, Create, and Courage

Lesson 3: Curiosity Opens Doors

Finding power with great questions

Lesson 4: Receiving What You Want

The art of listening

Lesson 5: Great Communication Tips

Examples of phrases and strategies for handling tough conversations.