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Diabetes Courses Online


Diabetes Home Coaching Courses

Life is full of challenges and diabetes adds a heavy burden.

Our medical system is great for teaching the medical side of diabetes, but offers little support for the day to day struggles.

But there can be peace in the storm if you are prepared.
Patricia Daiker, RN-BC is a certified Nurse Coach specializing in diabetes. Her professional training and first hand experience is the background from which she has created this curriculum.  Being a seasoned ICU and ER nurse wasn’t enough, but she has found the path and the skills that will help you live a better diabetes life.  
This course takes you on a journey from chaos and unpredictable weather, to a place where you have new skills to face any season.
Online courses are the perfect way to unpack all the emotions, frustration and confusion you may be experiencing.  There is no need to break down publically or take time off of work.  Get clarity, insight and a new understanding at home, one your phone, in private! Research has proven that coping well with the challenges of diabetes is the #1 thing you can do for your long term health!

“What can I expect from the courses?”

You will be guided through Patricia’s 5 Key Coaching Strategies which are arranged in 5 Chapters of content.

Each Chapter has 5 video lessons where Patricia lets you in on the strategies that can really help you change  your diabetes game plan.  Content will include research findings, clinical practice insights, coaching modalities, references and personal stories you can relate to.

As you watch each video, you follow along in the companion Home Coaching Journal where you can take notes, answer pop quizzes and dig deep into your Home Coaching Exercises.

Some lessons have quizzes, surveys or scoring tools to identify areas of strength and opportunity!

You will also do a beginning and end of course assessment so you can really measure your transformation!

“Tell me more about each Chapter.”

Each chapters guides you on a journey through very specific content that will help you gain new skills, perspective and tools to deal with all that diabetes will throw at you. Let’s face it, diabetes will always be as unpredictable as the weather, these topics will help your understand your options in any season.

Chapter 1

All About diabetes

Lesson 1: Diabetes at a Cellular Level Lesson 2: Types and Causes of Diabetes Lesson 3: Signs & Symptoms of Diabetes Lesson 4: Complications of Diabetes Lesson 5: Treatment and Management of Diabetes (just basic diabetes 101 – easy to understand)

Chapter 2

My Emotional Rollercoaster

Lesson 1: Why is it so hard?
  • Understand how your beliefs, needs, wants and current coping strategies impact you
Lesson 2: Wait, I’m grieving?
  • Introducing grief that happens when you lose the life you thought you would have
Lesson 3: “I’m not having this”
  • Denial & anger – normal parts of grief and they have purpose
Lesson 4: The high highs and low lows
  • Bargaining and depression – again normal parts of grief how to recognize/move through
Lesson 5: The path to acceptance
  • Light at the other end of the tunnel, when you work through grief

Chapter 3

Using YOur Motivation

Lesson 1: Understanding Your Actions

  • How behavior is driven by instincts, needs and beliefs
Lesson 2: What Do You Need?
  • Understand the influence of what you need
Lesson 3: You Do What Your Believe
  • Exploring your belief systems – the key to change
Lesson 4: Are You Ready For Change?
  • Learning new ways to approach changes
Lesson 5: Stepping Into Your Power
  • Choosing with intent and purpose

Chapter 4

It’s YOUR Life – Live it!

LESSON 1: Your Unwanted Roommate
  • Understanding the intrusion diabetes is to your life
Lesson 2: Person Centered Care
  • Creating wellness around YOU
Lesson 3: Ownership
  • Intention and Responsibility = Freedom
Lesson 4: Self-Care
  • Taking care of your entire person, not just your diabetes
Lesson 5: Maximizing Your Office Visit
  • Strategies for getting what YOU need

Chapter 5

Finding YOUR Voice

Lesson 1: Communication is Healthy

Lesson 2: My Five C’s of Great Communication

Clarify, Curiosity, Collect, Create, and Courage

Lesson 3: Curiosity Opens Doors

Finding power with great questions

Lesson 4: Receiving What You Want

The art of listening

Lesson 5: Great Communication Tips

Examples of phrases and strategies for handling tough conversations.

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